Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take PTE Exam

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take PTE Exam


Anything that saves money and time sounds while bringing best results for you sounds pretty good. And this is what PTE exam does. Absolutely, you’ve read it right.

Know the top 5 reasons why you should take PTE

  • What is PTE and who accepts PTE-A?

    PTE-A stands for Pearson Test of English (Academic). PTE-A is one of the English Proficiency tests required from test takers, which is acceptable for both purposes, namely, Student Visa as well as PR Visa/Migration for Australia. There are 4 Modules in the PTE Test, which are: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. The entire Test is held on a single day, and the duration of the Test is 2 Hours 45 Minutes to 3 Hours approximately.

    PTE-A score is accepted by thousands of universities around the world, including the Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. PTE Academic is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian government.

  • PTE is a fully computer-based Test

    PTE is a completely computer based Test. There is no human involvement at all! For instance, in the Speaking Module, you have to perform all Speaking tasks using a headset. All answers are recorded by the computer. Similarly, in the Writing Module, all tasks have to be typed. Hence, PTE is definitely beneficial for people who have good computer skills. Also, Listening and Reading Modules have MCQ/Blanks type of questions along with other question types. Thus, PTE is also a better choice for those people who have good analytical/logical reasoning skills.

  • Availability of dates for the Test

    PTE Test is held on almost all days of the week, which you can check on the Pearson PTE website - It is very easy to book the date and one does not need to wait for long to book it as there are multiple centers in almost all countries of the world.

  • Quick Result Time

    PTE result is generally mailed to you within 5 business days of the Test date. Thus, PTE is especially advantageous for people who are in a hurry to start their VISA process and have less time available with them.

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