6 Things should always ask before joining PTE Coaching Institute

How to have a word with the PTE Coaching Institute that you are willing to join?


Plans are yours, never let them stop...

The ones, planning to study abroad, always have been through kinds and varieties of stresses when it comes to selecting Universities which they want to be into. But sometimes, it's all about the effort that you put up to get into its campus.

But before you opt for all this, make sure you clear the criteria for the language proficiency, the results of which are demanded by every university.

Sometimes when you think it’s big, there is not always a need for something big to be done for it! Just figure out how you can find a 'good PTE coaching institute' near you. All you need to do is to grab ample bands that are required for the university that you want to go in.

Nothing too complex, just step into a PTE coaching institute and try to get the knowledge about what their style if teaching is. How they teach and how do they try to overcome the dream that you want to overcome.

Never hesitate to ask, as to live your dream, you need to work on it...

The list of the things you should ask and why...

  • What makes you (the institute) feel that you are the best?

    Why - They do assure quality, but make sure you ask for an evidence beforehand. Never fall for their words! Check their past records, compare them with other institutes as well. This will let you know how good the institute is, dependable or not.

  • Inquire about the batch timings. Ask them about how do they maintain the attendance and keep a track on students and their performance. Also if there could be any swapping in time if needed?

    Why - Attendance is the most important reason which makes the institute successful. An institute needs to sustain itself with the students to regularly attend their classes. They can bunk, or due to any reasons skip their class, which is sometimes not acceptable to the parents or the dear ones. A good institute will always take care of this.

    Also does the time scheduling hold a mighty importance. It's you who has to stay comfortable in the timings, not them. Ask them if they can arrange a facility of time or batch swapping if required. This is will let you know how flexible they are.

  • Any demo or trial lectures provided?

    Why - A good coaching institute will always provide a demo or a trial lecture to the candidates that are willing to join. All you have to do is decide a topic or a module on an instance so that the institute has no chances to put up its best faculty before you to lure you to join them.

    A good institute always comes up with 3 to 4 demo lectures so that the candidate can have the entire knowledge of the modules that PTE Academic has. This makes the student clear about the institute's surroundings and potential.

  • What duration would the PTE coaching be?

    Why - This is one of the most important questions that you can ask a PTE counsellor. Ask them about how long would the entire course last. This will make you decide and adjust the duration that you can have for the purpose of revision.

  • Do you provide any study material? If yes, then in what quantity? Do you conduct mock tests?

    Why - Many institutes have their own software to teach PTE, but make sure that you have ample amount of material that you can take home to practice. Sometimes what they say is that the software they use is licensed and cannot be given, still you can demand for something apart from that software.

    Sometimes all they do is, send some links wherein you can download the stuff related to PTE Academic. And sometimes, it does make a difference. Melbourne or Perth, things to be asked should always remain the same.

  • Will I get any sort of personal attention?

    Why - This question can surely make them think a bit! Classes, these days usually prefer to keep small batches which can easily make the faculties pay much more attention to the students.

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