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About the Test

It's a complete myth that PTE and IELTS have been the tests to check the ability of the candidates who have no idea about how to speak English! These language tests have come into existence to check the proficiency of a candidate in English, which can be only seen once the candidate has a perfect or, at least, a basic grip on the language. There are many people who think that the test is mainly a waste of time and money, but any country that they want to be into, always demands that the person who is coming to their country is a bit good at English and understand them.

This test has come into existence keeping in mind the computing skills a candidate can have to appear for this test. Basically, IELTS and other language tests are all written, but that's not the case when it comes to PTE Academic. You should be really good and quick on the keyboard to secure your best, as your mind is full of thoughts, but they last just for an instance. That's the main reason why this exam is from the very beginning a computer-based English proficiency test.

It has four test modules upon which the candidate is judged based on his/her abilities to Write, Listen, Read and Speak. PTE is globally recognized by many Universities, Colleges, Organizations and Governments and is highly preferred when it comes to immigration or studying abroad. Operated by Pearson, PTE has a high scope of evaluating the students or candidates with the best amenities and faculties they have.

About the Author

About the Author

I have generally been to countries which did require a visa but have never tried for any sort of language test as it never had been a need. But sooner or later, I had to because of my education abroad and the plans to immigrate. I have completed by Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology from a known university of India. To pursue my Master's, I had no option but to travel abroad and study, as it has mighty scopes compared to the companies and the level of education of India. Apart from studies, a global experience was the biggest thing I wanted to achieve. From the very beginning, I loved to write creatively, read books that actually made me soothe. It left a vast open page in mind which needed to be written with a pen of this global expedition cum education.

I then preferred to appear for IELTS, as it's an older format but was unable to crack it as I had expected. Then gave a shot at PTE, went beyond my expectations. I know it's too early to praise something against something else, but for the ones who are specialists at typing, PTE is the best option for look forward to. Would advise the ones out there to think twice before selecting a language test as they are costing a lot to make you realize that it's not actually the best one for you.

Materials available online

There are plenty of materials available online for oneself to prepare for PTE. It's rather always advisable to consult an organization or any PTE trainer before using the material as each and every product available online for PTE has a different level.

According to me, is the best place to find assistance in regards for PTE Academic. All they have is genuine material for the purpose of preparation and practice tests. The practice tests provided by PTE Academic sometimes prove more than enough for any candidate to score well and excel in the test.

There are many other websites that offer preparation material regarding the same for PTE. You can find a variety of test samples online from different websites, sometimes for free and sometimes by paying a certain amount of sum.


It was as said, a wonderful experience appearing for PTE Academic. All I needed was 58 Marks to get into the university I always to see myself in, and by the easy preparation and practice tests of PTE, I got a chance to get into the university I wanted to be in. I easily scored a 60 Marks score and the ways for me to my dream university were all clear.

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