Reasons PTE Has Gained Immense Popularity

Reasons Why PTE Has Become So Popular


PTE academic test has procured immense popularity over the years. For all these years, the only language based exams that came to one’s mind were IELTS and TOEFL; however, lately PTE exam has proven to be more preferred a choice for students aspiring to study abroad. PTE burgeoning popularity and acceptance across 7 continents indicates that it may even supersede IELTS in a short span of time.

Let’s take a look at few of the reasons, why PTE academic exam has gained so much popularity-

  • 1. Fully Computerized:

    PTE academic exam is entirely computer based devoid of any sort of human intervention. It eliminates any sort of bias arising from cultural or personality differences. Unlike IELTS which is a paper based exam where subjectivity can influence the outcome, PTE remains thoroughly objective in assessment, where the only criteria is performance.

  • 2. Results are quick:

    Reduced wait time is another benefit of taking a PTE test. Assessment is instantaneous as it’s a computer based exam. Results are sent to the takers within 5 working days. That’s the maximum turn-around time. Most of the test takers get their results within 2 days of appearing in the test. Other language based exams take a while to prepare results, IELTS for instance may take as many as two weeks and even more at times.

  • 3. Test dates are flexible:

    This is another advantage for the test takers. Students can take the test 363 days a year. There are 14 authorized centers for PTE. One can easily choose the nearest PTE center on a suitable for appearing in the test.

  • 4. Comprehensive Analysis:

    PTE is a comprehensive test which assesses not only the test taker’s communicative ability (Reading, Speaking, Writing & Listening), but also their enabling skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Fluency, Spelling, Pronunciation and so forth). IELTS and TOEFL on the other hand assess only communicative skills.


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