The Best Way To Prepare for PTE Exam

The Best way to prepare for PTE Exam


Since the date, Australian Immigration started accepting Pearson Test of English for all immigration and student visa purposes, PTE exam has captured the interests of majority of candidates preparing for English Language Proficiency test. As IELTS, PTE exam also assesses the level of English language on four parameters i.e. Listening, Reading. Speaking and Writing. But, PTE is totally a computer-based test of almost three hours duration. The Pearson Test of English is comprised of 20 Questions and some of them tests 2 skills together. The best thing about PTE exam is, you get your test result out within 5 week days.

"Preparing for PTE Exam is much simpler than IELTS", it's one of the common statements being said by the candidates who have been successful in achieving the desired score within first attempt of the exam. Now, "How they were able to crack PTE Exam easily in first attempt?" is the obvious question that must have incurred in your minds.

And fortunately, we do have the answer to this Question. To Crack PTE exam, you actually need 5 skills in you i.e. Sound understanding to English syntax, Good Vocabulary, appropriate pronunciation, eloquent writing skills and impeccable Grammar.

  • How understanding of syntax helps you in achieving better score in PTE exam

    The structure of words with which a sentence is formed in English is known as syntax. To understand, what is said, how it is said and to whom it is said; is very important in English language. And, if you are able to interpret the meanings the same way as they are addressed either verbally or orally then you have that powerful skill in you that can help you to crack PTE exam easily. And, if you find difficulty in understanding the meaning of a sentence in the same way as it is articulated, this means you require some practice or training for this skill because lack of understanding with syntax part won’t let you give right answers and you will lose your test score.

  • Role of Vocabulary in PTE test 

    The word Vocabulary is itself getting famous nowadays. And why not, using vocabulary is the smartest way to express your thoughts while leaving a remarkable expression. Isn’t it?

    PTE VocabularyIn PTE exam vocabulary plays a major role in all the four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening). In speaking and writing module, your score is assessed on the basis of your choice of words to express your thoughts. And, if you are good in vocabulary then you will be able to interpret right meanings in reading and listening module which will help you in giving right answers. So, if you have sound knowledge of vocab words then it is really easier for you make better score in all the four modules. And if you are not that good in vocabulary, don’t get disappointed ? instead start some practice. Because learning is the best way to acquire something that you don’t have.

  • How your pronunciation ability can pull some extra PTE scores for you?

    In PTE exam, your voice is recorded in the system for further assessment. There is speaking section in which you have to Read Aloud, Repeat the sentence, Re-tell Lecture, Describe Image and answer short question. How you speak and pronounce words plays a significant role in PTE exam score. If your pronunciation is wrong then there might be a chance for score deduction and if you are good at uttering the words right way, you will obviously pile up good scores for you.

  • How you can increase your PTE score with eloquent writing skills.

    The writing section in PTE exam tests your ability to express the idea with appropriate usage of words, grammar, connectors and content development. Anyone can tell the idea/thoughts on a specific topic but how appropriately you convey that idea while being wise with the usage of vocabulary and maintaining coherence in content within a specific word limit is what makes you stand out and gather more score. And if you think, you don’t have this ability then the only solution is “Practice/Training”. It is advisable to take advice of professional trainer to improve your PTE writing skills.

  • Good Grammatical skills lead to Good PTE score

    The whole concept of English language is based on Grammar. As Pearson Test English is English language Test that assesses the English level of candidate so Grammar plays the mother role in this test. Your writing and speaking ability is mainly judged upon your grammatical skills that you have used in your performance, apparently vocabulary has another major role that cannot be ignored too.

    If you have all these five skills in you then you can easily achieve desired score in PTE Test. And, if you lack somewhere then you can learn such knacks by taking appropriate training or self-study (whichever study mode fits you the best) for PTE exam.

    If you have questions regarding PTE Exam and wish to discuss online with our experts, then you can do so on our Education Forum.

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