How PTE is Different From IELTS

How PTE is Different From IELTS


Both IELTS and PTE are English Level assessment Tests specifically designed by experts to examine candidate's level of English language. All the Educational universities consider these tests (anyone of these) to assess the eligibility of an individual for beginning university study, however both the tests are different from each other in terms of format and content.

Difference in terms of Skills Check

In IELTS exam, all the four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) are assessed separately whereas in PTE Academic integrated skills test is conducted, which means that each question being asked in the exam assesses more than one skill at a time. Likewise, there could be a question asking you to read a text and then write a summary on the basis of your understanding. So, this is reading and writing integrated skills test or there can be a question in which you will be asked to listen to a lecture and then summarise the lecture orally on the basis of your understanding, which means integrating listening and speaking. Sounds Interesting? Yes it is!

One is Computer-based and another is Paper Base

One of the biggest differences between these two tests is that PTE Academic is fully computer based whereas IELTS is entirely a paper based Test. And both the exams have different time frame to give test, even to get results as well. In IELTS, test for three modules (listening, reading and writing) is taken on the same day but for speaking test, a different day is scheduled. However in PTE Academic, tests for all the modules are conducted on the same day and speaking section is also conducted on computer.

One is Computer based and another is Paper Base

Difference in terms of Content

In IELTS, there are semi academic topics, which are majorly of general interest and without requiring any specialist knowledge. Also, the IELTS recordings are not such authentic as these are spoken by Actors. In contrast to, the entire PTE exam material is extracted from real academic lectures and it’s more authentic.

The Result Difference

In IELTS exam, results are graded on 9 band scale and your overall band score depends upon the average of four papers. In PTE exam, the test score is reported on a scale from 10 to 90. The result is categorised into four skills and has a section ‘enabling skills’ in which you get score for grammar, fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling and written content. This section gives a clear picture to the candidates for areas of improvement.

It takes 13 calendar days to get your IELTS result out.

PTE result gets out in 5 days from the date of exam given.

PTE and IELTS Result

PTE and IELTS Result

Which one of these Tests is best for you? IELTS or PTE

Well, this totally depends on your personal preferences, like which test situation you prefer (computer based or paper based). We advise you to do some research on both the test formats. Go through the practice material of IELTS and PTE as this will help you know your comfort level with anyone of these two.

Based upon our expert experiences, candidates who have given PTE Academic were able to get good score as compared to the candidates who gave IELTS Exam.

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