Things to expect and carry on your PTE Exam Day

PTE Academic Exam Day- Things To Remember


Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Exam is taken at a secure test center. Test takers are expected to reach the exam center 30 minutes before the test begins. Remember that you will not be allowed to appear in the test, if you arrive late by more than 15 minutes. You are not eligible for a fee refund in this case.

At Your Arrival

You need to:

  • Show a valid ID proof to the administrator. Bringing along your original passport is enough.
  • Get a digital photograph clicked
  • Scan your palm vein
  • Sign digitally

Your Belongings

You are not allowed to carry your belongings to the exam room. A locker will be provided to you where your belongings can be stored safely. You can carry your passport to the exam room though. Belongings may include any sort of digital device, wallet, keys, hoodies, jackets or food and drinks of any kind. You are advised not to bring costly items, valuables or heavy cash to the exam center.

Additional Arrangements

Additional arrangements refer to minor arrangements test takers may require due to health conditions. Test takers can request for wheelchairs, adjustable chairs or screen-magnifiers without needing any prior approval.

What Can You Bring Into The test room?

Test takers do not need permission to carry comfort aids such as clinical glasses and hearing aids. You are allowed to carry a supporting cushion or clavicle brace, if you need to because of any sort of injury. You will be provided an erasable notepad by the exam center which can be used to take notes.

Test duration

The test lasts for 3 hours and there will be an optional break of 10 minutes. If there are any queries or concerns to be addressed, you can raise your hand and the administrator will help you right away. If your headphone is not working or computer offers any technical issues, the administrator will help you out with that.

You can leave as soon as you are done with the exam by just raising your hand and letting the administrator know. You will be provided a confirmation of attendance before leaving.

If you need to leave because of any sort of illness or emergency, you must contact your administrator and you will be advised an appropriate solution.

For any more of such concerns, you can get it solved on our international student forum.


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