Expert Tips & Tricks for PTE Exam

‘Tips & tricks’ that every PTE coach gives…


PTE has evolved! It’s hardly been a few years and PTE has taken a giant leap into the world of language proficiency tests. It has many positive outcomes, on the way it is being taken, on the way it is being designed. PTE is slowly, but steadily grasping the steps to success, not just for itself but also the candidate that chooses it.

Mainly called PTE Academic, this language test is administered by Pearson English and is modulated by the same. With over the globe recognition, PTE guarantees the best outcome for you to choose your career or university.

When it comes to PTE Academic, the ones who have been into its coaching, always come forward with bags full of advice for the candidates who are about to appear for a pearson english test.

Best of the selected advices are as below… 

  • Stay Conscious…

    Many of the coaches have the foremost and the same to say, ‘to stay conscious’. When you are totally into it, there is nothing that can stop you to gain superiority. ‘As soon as you step out of being conscious, you lose it’ and that’s what many of the coaches have said on the other hand. It’s very much a necessity to ‘stay awake’ while you appear and even when you prepare for it.

  • Get to know it!

    Many of the candidates don’t even know what PTE acts like! All they do is to grasp knowledge about other tests and assume PTE to be the same. Guys, it isn’t so! PTE is completely computerized, making complete justice to the candidates who are willing to opt for it. Other tests, there are chances that the scores of a candidate might get ruined because of the handwriting or the mood of the checker, but here that case never comes into play. So it’s necessary to know how the things work here. One has to be clear enough at the time of speaking so that the computer understands the language and the accent easily.

    Make sure, there are four modules: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

  • ‘Mind well when you speak!’

    Whenever you come on to the section of speaking, mind well to whatever you speak, and do it clearly. The computer will surely listen to your pauses, but not your emotions. So make sure that you speak a bit slow and in a way that can make you confident that “yes, the computer is listening to you”. Speaking something that the computer may not understand might make you lose marks.

  • ‘Open your ears and Listen!’

    When you listen, keep a track of the words. Catching the previous one might make you lose your ears over the next. So it’s very much important that you keep taking a note of the things that you listen. That will surely help you. Make this a habit, practice this often, so that it automatically turns up during your exam.

  • ‘Think twice, write wise!’

    It’s necessary to think a lot about whatever you are writing. Writing rubbish will at the end make no sense, but cost you ample marks. Make it go in a rhythm, as losing the rhythm will make you lose the grip on whatever you are writing. When it comes to this module, especially, try not to focus on something else but to only whatever your topic is. This will surely let you go pure and in excellence.

  • ‘Read as if it can make a difference!’

    Reading can surely make a difference. When your practicing is on, make sure you go through the newspapers and magazines to read. They can be, at times, a refreshment and at times, a source for you to get through. You never know to what extent can your reading level be at the examination; therefore, newspapers are the best alternatives.

  • Use something NEW…

    The world is big, and so is the language and its variedness. One word has many transformations and masks, to which in simple language we call ‘synonyms’. Try figuring out synonyms of the words that you generally use. This will help you increase your vocabulary and grammar.

  • Soul of the language, do not let it go!

    Well, the soul to every language is its Grammar. You might think that you have a perfect grip on grammar, but this might take seconds to turn into a myth. Polish it every day, there will surely be ample amount of things that you will learn. Whatever you learn, just not keep it to yourself, play the best shots while you practice and analyze which ones of them can help you better. And at last, use the best out of the best in your examinations.

    You can also share which tips and strategies worked the best for you to the student community on our study abroad forum.


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